The next decade will wear the mark of an ever-increasing ecological consciousness. Climate change is forcing us to think about what we’re doing. For instance when it comes to waste and water consumption. In the past, perhaps it was frowned upon to serve tap water at a dinner party. Now it almost wouldn’t make sense not to. Therefore, the water carafe is regaining its place in today’s household. Aside from its functional role, the aesthetics of this object become more important. The carafe accompanies each meal, it stands centrally on the table when there are guests.
For such an item, glass is the sensible material of choice. It’s sustainable, transparent and easy to maintain. The design of these carafes is a nod to the classical PET bottles: recognisable yet original at the same time. The clear blue glass refers to the colour of the purest of waters.

Competition design for the BKRK Award #glas.